The game started in March 1998 as counterpart to Totoro's Hoshitori, which was running for three and a half years then. Beginning with only 27 players there are now about 140 regular participants, and still becoming more. It was created by Shiyonofuji and hosted by him for more than two years. In Aki Basho 2000 he had no time at his hands any more and now it's up to me, Tamanaogijima, to keep it running.

Making a long story short, the game is about guessing the losers of an Ozumo Tournament... But don't understand it wrong! The game is not intended to honor failure but instead was created to stimulate interest in less known or less successful rikishi and in mid-Maegashira bouts. So I ask you to root for your picks.


The UDH Rikishi of the Year 2022 Competition



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