These are the UDH Archives back to the very first run in Haru Basho 1998. Until Nagoya Basho 2000 the game was hosted by Shiyonofuji with one interruption: In Haru Basho 2000 Yubiquitoyama took over the gunbai when tate-gyoji had no time. Since Aki Basho 2000 me, Tamanaogijima, is your host.

Until Hatsu Basho 2001 there are only the respective banzuke and final standings available. From Haru Basho 2001 until today there are banzuke, selection stats and daily results on the site. Also, the participating players are printed bold in the banzuke.

The players were added alphabetically to each rank on the banzuke until Natsu Basho 2004. Nagoya Basho 2004 and after the players at each rank are arranged in descending order of their previous record.

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